Who are Hope Capital?

Jonathan Sealey Chief Executive Officer started Hope Capital after nearly a decade in the property sector. Having previously worked for both a property developer and a venture capital firm, it gave him the momentum to start Hope Capital, merging the two skilled disciplines he had developed: property and investment.  Jonathan is responsible for the company’s strategic growth and works alongside our Chairman Steve Sealey.  As well as being a principal investor, Steve’s role within Hope Capital is one of strategic guidance for the company and its board of directors, helping to guide its growth to be one of the premier bridging lenders within the UK. 

Steve Sealey took up the role of chairman in Hope Capital in 2012, after stepping down from the board of Aquarius, a specialist fund manager for high-net-worth-individuals. Prior to that, Steve was the joint founder and CEO of AM Paper Group Ltd, leading up to its successful sale in 2000. 


What sets Hope Capital apart from other bridging lenders is our unwavering commitment to providing a distinctive lending experience. We pride ourselves on several differentiators: 

  • Flexibility:  We understand that every borrower has unique needs. Our flexible approach allows us to tailor solutions to individual circumstances. 
  • Competitive offering:  We offer highly competitive bridging loans, ranging from £100k to £5m, with rates starting from 0.89%. Our LTV goes up to 75%, and our loan term spans from 3 to 18 months. 
  • Broad eligibility:  We consider a diverse range of applicants, including those with adverse credit. Our clientele includes individuals, partnerships, limited companies, trusts, offshore companies, LLPs, UK residents, foreign nationals, and ex-pats aged 18 to 80 (80+ by referral). 
  • Experience and partnerships: With a rich wealth of experience, we have established successful partnerships and operate across England, Wales, and Scotland (postcode restrictions may apply to Scotland). 
  • Dedicated support: Our team is committed to providing comprehensive support throughout the lending process, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for our borrowers. 

We have proudly supported the Sunshine Group since 2016. This North West breast cancer charity relies on the support of like-minded companies, who provide financial and marketing support. Together, we’re raising the profile of this incredible organisation in our community. 


In addition, we regularly donate to charitable causes and participate in fundraising events so that our employees can get involved. By making a difference in the lives of those around us, we make a difference in our own lives as well. 

Behind every enquiry, deal and loan application is a dedicated team of professionals.  You can call us on 0151 523 5998, or contact the relevant team:  

Initial enquiry? 

Looking for a rapid response to a bridging loan enquiry?  Contact our Sales Team 

Application in progress? 

Need to discuss the progress of your borrower’s application?  Contact our Underwriting Team 

Existing customer? 

Looking for support with your account? Contact our Portfolio Management Team 

PR enquiry? 

If you are a journalist, or a member of the media contact our Marketing Team for any press enquires 

Question about finance? 

Question about an outstanding payment?  Give our Finance Team a call 

Interested in a career with us? 

Give our People Support Team a call to discuss a career with us 

Hope Capital was established in 2011 and is an award-winning specialist provider of bridging loans of up to £5 million for a term of up to 18 months.  Hope Capital is not regulated by the FCA, and we do not offer regulated loans. 


Our Relationships Go Beyond Lending, and we pride ourselves on being quick, flexible, specialist and transparent.  We believe in lending on every deal and have a reputation for finding a solution when other lenders can’t – and doing so in record quick time. 

As one of the leading bridging loan providers, we’ve been partnering with high-net-worth investors and family offices to shape our investment landscape for over 12 years. 

Our head office, based in Liverpool, Merseyside in the heart of the North West, is the perfect location to reach all major northern cities including Manchester, Liverpool, Chester, Newcastle and everywhere in between. We also have a presence throughout England, Wales and Scotland with our dedicated business development managers.