“Our standard bridging loan offers a level of service and flexibility matched by few other lenders. Our focus is always on finding the best solution for the borrower. Because we have our own funds this means that we can go outside of set parameters for the right case.”

Jonathan Sealey, CEO

We enable borrowing for property purchase, refinance, debt-relief or business purposes. Up to 100% of purchase price is considered and we will go outside of core lending parameters for the right deal and the right borrower.
We look at every case on an individual basis and work collaboratively with brokers and their clients to achieve the best solutions in every case. We will lend up to £5m and because we have our own funds we can be flexible, both on what we lend and the terms upon which we offer.
While we usually lend up to 75% loan to value, many of our loans are taken by developers to refurbish a property or for change of use. As a result the property is likely to be worth much more after development than it is at the point of purchase. For experienced borrowers therefore, we will sometimes go outside of these parameters.
What you can be sure of is that our specialist team will be quick, with terms offered within 24 hours, while our fees, charges and underwriting will be completely transparent.
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