The Hope 90 product offers a fantastic rate of 0.90% per month and up to 55% LTV on non-regulated commercial property with a loan up to £900,000.


The Hope 94 bridging loan has a newly reduced rate of 0.94% per month and up to 60% LTV on non-regulated commercial property with a loan up to £600,000.


Designed for commercial properties, the minimum loan amount for both products is £150,000.


Borrowers can use the loans for property purchases in a range of situations from a straightforward purchase, buying at auction, with or without a light refurbishment or to chain-break a mortgage. Additionally, the loan can be used to refinance existing debt and give the borrower time to put in place a longer term finance solution.

"The Nineties Collection will further expand our offering and has been designed to meet the diverse needs of borrowers, their affordability and aspirations.

Demand in the specialist finance market remains strong, which is why it is essential we provide new, innovative products to support brokers and keep the sector moving forward."


The Nineties Collection can be used alongside elements of the Custom Collection which comprises six different products, features and options. By picking the options and features that best suit the client’s circumstances and needs, brokers are able to offer their clients a loan that is truly customised. Full details on the Custom Collection can be found here.


It is available throughout England and Wales on a first-charge basis, for loan periods from 3 to 12 months. The loan is available to individuals, companies and other legal entities.


As with all Hope Capital loans it is only available for non-regulated purchases.

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