Through the Custom Collection brokers can offer their customers a loan that meets their needs.  All parts of the collection are specifically for loans secured on residential property and enable the most suitable loan to be created by picking the options and features that best suit their needs.


Discounted Rate Loan

Hope Capital is also offering borrowers the option of a discounted rate loan whereby the initial six months is at a reduced rate of 0.54%. This can be key in helping borrowers manage cashflow, particularly if a property is not income generating on day one.


Hope FleXi Loan

The Hope FleXi is a part serviced and part deducted loan. Borrowers can not only service the loan whilst having some of the interest retained, but also spread interest repayments on the serviced part across the entire term of the loan. This means that the monthly interest payments are significantly reduced for the borrower, potentially by over 90%.


Hope Combi Loan

This product option combines the Hope Flexi with the Discounted Rate Loan and a payment holiday period. It is suitable for customers wanting to optimise the loan amount they receive on day one and service their loan, but who need a payment holiday for a period during the loan term. In addition to the payment holiday, the borrower can have a discounted rate for the first six months.


Flexible Fees

One feature of the collection is four options to pay the lender arrangement fee – pay on completion, pay monthly, split 50:50 or pay on redemption. These options help affordability by reducing the initial outlay on the loan.


Accepted Valuation Range

Hope Capital are able to accept a range of valuation types. In many circumstances loans can progress to completion based on AVMs, Drive-bys or Desktop valuations. Some of these are without any associated fee which can help in meeting the customer’s needs and make a loan affordable and suitable.

“We’re excited to have created the Custom Collection for our brokers and borrowers. In the current market, we believe it is more important now than ever to provide tailored products which prioritise affordability and flexibility to meet the needs of the customer.”

Gary Bailey, MD

Hope Capital continues to offer products and across mixed-use and commercial property as well as land with planning.


Hope Capital will lend both to individuals and companies on a first charge basis.


What you can be sure of is that our specialist team will be quick, with terms aimed to be offered within 1 hour, while our fees, charges and underwriting will be completely transparent.
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