The Refresh product is available for Residential, Mixed-use and Commercial property for a loan period between 3 – 12 months, which is a suitable timeframe to undertake light refurbishment works.


Light refurbishment works include the installation of a new kitchen and/or bathroom(s), replacing windows and doors, cosmetic improvements amongst other improvements. The products in the Refurbishment Range have a maximum of 70% GDV, the option of multiple drawdowns and are able to fund 100% cost of works.

Refresh Product Guidelines

“There is a continual strong demand for refurbishment bridging loans, particularly light refurbishment which is most accessible to investors. We anticipate that the enhancements to the Refresh product will meet market demand.”

Gary Bailey, MD

The Refurbishment Range is be available throughout England and Wales on unregulated residential, mixed-use and commercial property.


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