It’s a fantastic start to the New Year for bridging customers as Hope Capital brings its New Year savings product plan, slashing rates, some by more than 25 per cent.


These rate reductions come hot on the heels of Hope Capital’s innovative Hope Seven 5 product, a highly competitive new bridging loan offering a rate of just 0.75% per month, up to 75% LTV on non-regulated residential property up to £750,000.


All prices have been discounted across the full range of residential, mixed-use and commercial property and land, with some rates dashed by 29 per cent.

"We hope these generous discounts will bring a great start to the New Year for brokers and borrowers alike.
“For anyone looking for short-term finance with spectacular rates, Hope Capital is the place to come.”

Gary Bailey, managing director of Hope Capital

With the reduced rates available now, brokers and their clients could be getting cracking on all their New Year projects almost immediately.


The new Price Match offered by Hope Capital welcomes brokers to speak to the BDM team about the option to match a competitors rate of interest.


Hope Capital is renowned as among the quickest and most flexible lenders around and is dedicated to service excellence, with a team of dedicated internal and external BDMs to help brokers to discuss their clients’ needs.


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