Designed specifically for residential property and with affordability in mind, the MINI, MIDI and MAXI loans offer real choice for borrowers, with certain products free of fees.


The MINI Loan starts at just £50,000 and goes up to £149,999.  This is the first time Hope Capital has been able to offer brokers and their clients loans from £50,000 and is a significant change to it’s product offering. Hope Capital will now be able to offer more borrowers a suitable lending solution.


The MIDI Loan starts from £150,000 and goes up to £1m, with any loans above £1m falling into the MAXI Loan range.  These three product tiers allow the loan to be constructed to meet the clients needs.


The loan LTV’s and rates have also been renewed in line with the new range and start at just 0.54%, sitting within the recently launched Custom Collection.


Rates start at 0.54% and LTVs range from 55% up to 75% across the residential product offering. Loan terms are from 3 – 18 months and are for unregulated transactions and investors looking to acquire residential property, remortgage existing finance or release capital from existing investment property.

“We’re proud to be launching this new product range which includes our smallest ever loan, starting at £50,000. As part of the new Custom Collection, these three tiers aim to meet the needs of the broker, borrower and considering the current market we’ve placed an emphasis on upfront affordability with the new products.”

Gary Bailey, MD

The new product range is part of the Hope Capital Custom Collection which comprises six different products, features and options, all of which are designed to give the most suitable solution for the borrower.  The MINI, MIDI and MAXI loans are designed specifically for residential property and can be combined with other product features and options to meet clients needs.  For example, there are options for zero fees, discounted rates and can also be combined with the Hope FleXi product.


By providing brokers with a collection of products, they’re able to offer their clients a loan that is truly customised to meet their needs. Full details on the Custom Collection can be found on the Hope Capital website.


These new bridging loans are available throughout England and Wales for a loan period of up to 18 months.


Hope Capital will lend both to individuals and companies on a first charge basis.


What you can be sure of is that our specialist team will be quick, with terms aimed to be offered within 1 hour, while our fees, charges and underwriting will be completely transparent.
To find out more please contact us on 0151 523 5998 and our team of experts will aim to get back to you within the hour to discuss it.

Julia Wentworth

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