The Discounted Rate loan is designed to help borrowers achieve the balance between affordability, optimal loan amount on day one, cash-flow and Loan to Value.


With borrowers having the choice between a term of 6, 9 or 12 months, the initial period of borrowing is at a lower rate – 3, 4 or 6 months. This provides lower monthly repayments for the customer, which can make the difference between the loan being affordable, or not. The minimum loan amount on this product is 150k and goes up to a maximum of £2.5m across all property types.


The discounted rate is available on serviced, part-serviced loans or the Hope FleXi and has a 6-month minimum term, with 3-months being at the lower discounted rate and the remainder at the non-discounted rate.

“As a business we continue to ensure we focus on offering new innovative options which offer flexibility and affordability for the borrower. Reducing the initial rate to just 0.39% and expanding the loan to Mixed-use and Commercial property will better meet the needs of the market.”

Jonathan Sealey, CEO

For example, a borrower purchasing a residential property requiring some refurbishment prior to being rented out, would benefit from low monthly repayments during the period of no rental income.  Once the property is tenanted and income coming in, the borrower can afford the increase in monthly repayments.


This product is part of the Custom Collection which comprises five different products, features and options, all of which are designed to give the most suitable solution for the borrower.  By providing brokers with a collection of products, they’re able to offer their clients a loan that is truly customised to meet their needs.


Hope Capital will lend both to individuals and companies on a first charge basis.


What you can be sure of is that our specialist team will be quick, with terms aimed to be offered within 1 hour, while our fees, charges and underwriting will be completely transparent.
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Chris Buckley

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