Land with planning

Our land with planning permission loans are a short-term loan secured against a plot of land that does not have any building or structures on it.

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3-18 months

These loans can be used to purchase land, or to refinance an existing loan. Whether you need to refinance to allow time for a change of use, gain more favourable planning consent, or simply begin development, we can help.


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Land with planning bridging FAQ's

A land bridging loan is a short-term, interest-only financing solution secured against a plot of land that does not have any buildings or structures on it. Whether your client’s objective is to initiate a project or refinance, our team is well-equipped to provide expert support.

Our land bridging loans serve a diverse array of purposes. Our criteria include providing land bridging loans for:

  • Purchase
  • Purchase of another property
  • Debt refinance
  • Re-bridge
  • Planning gain

Our steadfast dedication sets our lending solution apart, and we take pride in delivering an exceptionally competitive service and offering. Our land loans are available from £150k-£5m, with rates starting from 1.45% and up to 60% LTV available for a term between 3-18 months. Our product range operates across England, Wales, and Scotland (please note that Scotland may be subject to postcode restrictions). Benefiting from a wealth of experience, we have forged successful partnerships with individuals, partnerships, limited companies, trusts, offshore companies, and LLPs. We also extend our consideration to applicants with adverse credit and serve a diverse clientele, encompassing UK residents, foreign nationals, and ex-pats from the age of 18-80 (80+ by referral).

Differing from mortgages, land bridging loans offer a swift financial solution specifically designed for land-related acquisitions. There are many advantages of land bridging loans including:

  • Rapid Access to Land-Related Funds: Land bridging loans provide quick access to capital, making them ideal for swift land acquisitions.
  • Acceptance of Diverse Land Types: These loans are well-suited for various land categories that mortgage providers may decline, including derelict or unconventional land plots.
  • Tailored Flexibility for Land: Land bridging loans are customised to meet the unique demands of land transactions, with terms that adapt to individual financial circumstances.
  • No Exit Fees: There are no fees for repaying the loan early, potentially saving on interest costs associated with land financing.
  • Land-Backed Security: Land bridging loans are secured against the value of the land itself, providing accessibility to a broader range of borrowers while reducing reliance on credit history.

At Hope Capital, we understand and comprehend the importance of time, especially when your client is eager to seize an investment opportunity. This is why our proficient team operates with exceptional swiftness, ensuring unwavering support to our clients. Through access to a dedicated underwriter, we specialise in expeditious turnarounds.