Teamwork delivers over £1m funding for former pub complex



Loan Term

12 months




Our client was looking to obtain a bridging loan which would enable them to transform a magnificent former pub complex into eight self-contained apartments.


In this case, the borrower needed a bridging loan which could buy the dwelling outright and then fund the refurbishment works to transform the former pub into the residential properties.


The premises, located on the outskirts of Lancaster, is in a fantastic location and once revamped and completed, is set to be highly sought-after accommodation in the local area. As a result, this is a great investment opportunity for the client.


We agreed to provide the initial funding to purchase the premises together with the additional money required to complete the heavy refurbishment works needed. The Hope Capital team worked closely with Lee Robinson at Charles Louis Commercial Finance to ensure all parties involved could deliver a solution tailored to the client.


In this instance, the £1.1m facility was agreed at 58% LTV and will be redeemed by the client after 12 months, where the borrower will exit onto a longer-term buy-to-let (BTL) mortgage.


During the client’s loan with Hope Capital, they will have the opportunity to complete the necessary works, as well as put tenants in place, so they can then refinance and secure a highly competitive BTL mortgage.


Having the support from Lee and the team at Charles Louis Commercial Finance was key in ensuring we could deliver for the client. This is a fantastic example of how having a great relationship between lender and broker, can ensure the outcome the client is looking for, is achieved. We look forward to working again with Lee and the team in the future.

Emily Crowe

Emily Crowe

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