Hope lends on valuation price to enable quick refurbishment project



Loan Term

6 months




The property in question – a two-story building with commercial units below and accommodation above -was in receivership, and the client wanted to borrow 90% of the value rather than the purchase price. This was because he wanted to maximise his cash flow to enable him to use his own funds to finish the living accommodation, which was half complete, as well as the rest of the refurbishment.

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“I have worked with Hope Capital on several projects to date and have always found them to be quick, easy to deal with and flexible. This deal was no exception and being able to borrow against the valuation rather than the purchase price meant I was able to fund the refurbishment of the property from my own cashflow without further borrowings. Hope Capital get deals completed and the customer service provided is excellent.”


Hope Capital had worked with the borrower on a few projects previously, so we were happy to lend on valuation rather than the purchase price to enable the client to turn the deal around quickly and fund the refurbishment without any additional borrowings.


As we had worked with the client previously, and are able to make a case by case decision about borrowing, we were able to get the deal completed quickly to allow the project to complete on time.

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