Hope lends 70% against valuation to secure Surrey investment property



Loan Term

6 months




The property in question was in receivership, and our investment client was looking for a quick turnaround by purchasing from the official receiver at undervalue for £3.379m against a valuation of £4.9m. He needed to complete quickly in order to secure the property, and also needed to be able to borrow against the valuation rather than the purchase price

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“I have worked with Hope before, and always find them to be helpful, flexible, quick and true to their word. The whole team worked very hard to complete this case within the tight deadline.”


While there is an added risk involved in lending on the valuation rather than the purchase price, the client is a regular user of Hope Capital, so not only were we prepared to lend against the valuation rather than purchase price, we also allowed the client to contribute 5% (plus stamp duty and legals) to the deal rather than the 10% we would normally insist on.


Most of our competitors would not be able to lend against valuation and for a lower contribution, especially on such a large loan. Our ability to make decisions based on individual circumstances meant we were able to be flexible and fast in order to complete the deal on time. The client was so happy with the service that he has already been back to us with for further property finding.

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