Hope Capital loan 80% LTV in 15 days against 20 serviced apartments…how refreshing!



Loan Term

6 months




The client needed a loan to re-finance an existing bridge that was over-due with another lender and needed an exit within 15 days. The security was 20 serviced apartments in Norfolk that had only been trading for 6 months.  The borrower needed 12 months of management accounts to be able to secure a commercial mortgage.


The original valuation had been instructed for a market value as a trading business, which had added some complexity for the borrower in obtaining a refinance bridging loan


It also transpired that there wasn’t a valid EPC certificate held for the property.


Hope Capital worked with the valuer and agreed to accept a re-typed valuation based on a 180-day open market valuation of £1.775m.


We then went outside of our normal criteria to find a solution by providing a loan at 80% to Value for a 6-month term, with three months interest deducted, and the remaining three months interest to be serviced over the whole term of the loan. This resulted in the borrower’s monthly commitment being reduced by 50%. We also agreed with the borrower to provide a copy of a valid EPC within 30 days of the date of the loan agreement to avoid further delays.


Hope Capital took a view on this case went outside usual parameters to deliver a solution for our borrower. Our common-sense view to avoid unnecessary costs, and minimise the borrower’s monthly commitment, proved invaluable in ensuring the case completed within the tight deadline.


This provided the ideal solution establish their management accounts, to secure a commercial mortgage.

“Hope Capitals expertise in understanding the changing circumstances as this case progressed was impressive and enabled me to reassure my client that matters were progressing despite the obstacles that presented themselves. Laura Carr did an outstanding job”

Mr M

“Time after time we show how flexible our common-sense approach to lending can accommodate our clients needs no matter how they change throughout the transaction. We don’t move the goal posts”

Laura Carr, Head of Underwriting at Hope Capital


Laura Carr

Laura is responsible for managing the Underwriting team to progress and complete case volumes in line with the business objectives and risk appetite, whilst also managing the key relationships with all stakeholders. As with everyone at Hope Capital, Laura and her team are always accessible by phone and email to talk through a case.

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