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9 months




In this case, the client was looking to raise funds to clear an existing bridging loan, which they had initially secured to purchase the property. In addition, the client also wanted funding to develop the premises, based in Romford, Essex from a 3 bed into a 5/6 bedroom property.


At Hope Capital, we have a significant amount of experience supporting clients who are looking to refinance, as well as complete refurbishment projects.


While another lender had offered the client a competitive last-minute deal to move onto a new loan, owing to the professional service and excellent communication we provided, they elected to work with the Hope Capital team instead.


Following our conversations with the client, it was clear the best product for them would be from the Hope Capital Refurbishment Range. The Refurbishment Range enables borrowers to undertake light to heavy refurbishment works across all property types.


In this instance, the Renovate product from the range, which is designed for medium to heavy refurbishment projects, was the most suitable for the client’s bespoke needs.


We were able to offer the client a loan of £423,00 at 63.4% LTV, which enabled them to refinance onto a new loan, therefore resulting in them being in a position where they could pay back the money they owed to the previous lender and also proceed with the required refurbishment works.


Hope Capital won the deal owing to the confidence the client had in us for our complete package of being an efficient lender, provision of an excellent service and the LTV available.

“He held our hands through the process and across to completion. Communication was brilliant. Very professional and thoroughly knew what he was doing.”

What the borrower said

Emily Crowe

Emily Crowe

Emily is responsible for developing, implementing and managing the positive image of Hope Capital, as well as communicating key messages to stakeholders within the industry.
For all press enquiries, please contact Emily directly on 0151 522 2582 or via email.

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