Bridging helps client’s manor house meet new energy performance standards



Loan Term

12 months



“Thank you very much for the hard work and quick turn around on this one! Massively appreciated for a very important client. This will be the first of many I will send your way.”

Cornerstone Finance


The client had found a site consisting of large manor home with vast amounts of land and other out houses. The intention was to renovate the manor house and bring all the out houses to a high standard for rental. But, the property had an EPC rating of G. The client wanted to go straight on to a term loan, however with new regulations and changes this was not a feasible option.


The broker had approached other lenders, but time was of the issue as a purchase had been agreed to complete within two weeks.The client had a wealth of experience with property; she has a sizeable portfolio and also owns a large successful estate agency. Her confidence in the property’s potential meant that Hope Capital was prepared to carry out a valuation and offer the loan within 48 hours of instruction. There were some legal issues regarding solicitors, but Hope Capital successfully and swiftly rectified these to allow the sale to proceed.


Hope Capital managed to complete so the sale in time so the client got her money and the property.


Laura Carr

Laura is responsible for managing the Underwriting team to progress and complete case volumes in line with the business objectives and risk appetite, whilst also managing the key relationships with all stakeholders. As with everyone at Hope Capital, Laura and her team are always accessible by phone and email to talk through a case.

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