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“Fantastic service and great working with Hope Capital on a time sensitive case. Maria Magnussen and co really did a top notch job. Thank you.”

James Oldham, Positive Lending


The broker came to Hope Capital with an extremely urgent case. The client had purchased a flat, off- plan, two years ago, but had been served notice to complete within 10 days. The property had increased in value over the two years, so the client was looking for maximum funding to complete the deal.

Hope Capital’s solution

Hope Capital was able to get the Valuation and Asset Manager Visit arranged at the same time, all within 48 hours of the application. Solicitors were instructed within 2 hours, and were immediately in contact with the clients’ solicitors.
When the client was lacking the funds to pay for the Stamp Duty, Hope Capital allowed flexibility, and extended the payment period to 30 days (rather than the standard 5 days) so that the deal could be completed in time.


Hope Capital, the broker and the client stayed in contact throughout the case in order to guarantee completion within the time frame, allowing the client to purchase and then immediately sell to take the profit.


Maria Magnussen

Maria is responsible for developing new business across London and the south. She has worked in financial services for over 25 years and is a specialist in bridging finance.

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