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Press Release: Hope Capital launches a roaring offer

13 Jul 2021

Roz Cawood

by Roz Cawood

Hope Capital has today announced it is launching a brand-new offering, providing brokers and borrowers with roaring deals to lift their spirits and soften the blow following England’s defeat on Sunday evening.


The LIONS Fast Track Bridge has been launched to provide brokers and borrowers with the fastest bridging loan offered by Hope Capital. Consequently, this will give investors even more opportunity to achieve their residential investment goals.


The new offering is a highly competitive bridging loan facility, which provides borrowers with fantastic interest rates from 0.54%, and savings on their upfront costs, to help with their affordability. The LIONS Fast Track Bridge also offers up to 65% LTV, with a loan on properties worth up to £500k and the opportunity to complete the deal within hours of making an initial enquiry.


It will be available throughout England and Wales for a maximum loan period of 12 months on residential property.


Roz Cawood, Director of Sales at Hope Capital, commented: “The LIONS Fast Track Bridge will further expand our offering and has been created to provide a unique opportunity, where borrowers can access funds extremely quickly.


“We do not require solicitor’s fees to be paid upfront, will consider no Personal Guarantees (PGs) and will also lend based on an Automated Valuation Model, rather than a valuation, making borrowing significantly faster and more accessible for customers.

For mixed-use and commercial property, we will also consider no PGs and we have products specifically for borrowers securing loans on mixed-use or commercial property. In addition, borrowers can take a payment holiday during the loan term and there are also Flexible Arrangement Fee options available to help with receiving maximum funds on Day 1. ”


“At Hope Capital, we are dedicated to creating solutions which meet the diverse needs of borrowers, their affordability and aspirations. We also understand speed is of the essence, especially for those looking to beat the September stamp duty deadline, which is why we expect the LIONS Fast Track Bridge to be a highly desirable option for brokers and their clients.”


Hope Capital is renowned for being a highly flexible lender and is dedicated to providing excellent service and support to brokers and their clients from initial enquiry through to completion.


To find out more about Hope Capital call 0151 523 5998 or email: 

Roz Cawood

Roz Cawood

Roz is responsible for leading her Sales team, devising sales strategies and implementing them to meet the diverse needs of brokers and their clients. Roz has worked in the specialist finance industry for many years and brings with her a wealth of experience, together with a sound understanding of the requirements and needs of brokers throughout the bridging process. Speak with Roz directly by calling 07388 817 345.

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