Elle Hazlett


The view of an apprentice in the industry – Q&A with Bridging & Commercial

11 Mar 2021


How did you hear about the apprenticeship scheme you are on, and do you think there is enough awareness/education at school-level for careers in specialist finance? What more could be done?


I originally came across Hope Capital’s apprenticeship scheme via the internet and was instantly intrigued to learn more. While bridging  finance was not something I had learnt about in school, following  my own research, I knew this was something I would be interested in. Although bridging finance was never mentioned during my education, I think it should be going forward, as the financial market is an exciting industry, which is growing significantly and provides countless career pathways.



What have you learnt/achieved so far, what have you enjoyed & disliked the most, and what has been the biggest thing that has surprised you about the industry?


I have only been an apprentice at Hope Capital for a few months, however I have already learnt so much and I am so grateful to the whole team for all their support. I have particularly enjoyed working in the HR and underwriting department, as it is a brand new experience, which I find very interesting and exciting.


One of the biggest surprises is how interesting the bridging finance market is. Many people view the financial sector as being boring and repetitive, however there is certainly a lot more than meets the eye. The work Hope Capital does is not just about providing a loan, but instead is a thorough process which is about working collectively to ensure we find a solution for every client. For one thing, no day is ever the same!



How would you like to develop your career in specialist finance?


Looking ahead, I want to continue my career working in the specialist finance industry, in either a HR or in an underwriting role and then ultimately one day, become a head of department, providing my team with the support, knowledge and experience, I was fortunate enough to receive at the beginning of my own career. In the meantime, I am looking to continue to add to my knowledge of the industry and really excited for what the future will hold for me.



Would you recommend an apprenticeship scheme like this/a career in FS to other young people? Why?


Absolutely! Not only does a career in bridging finance present many financial benefits, it is also an extremely exciting industry, which is constantly changing and developing. In addition, it provides an opportunity to help brokers and borrowers find a solution and reach their goals, which is really rewarding.


I will always be grateful to Hope Capital for providing me with such an amazing opportunity and I look forward to continuing to develop my career with them.


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