Bringing the next generation into the industry – Q&A with Bridging & Commercial

11 Mar 2021


by Gary Bailey

Why did you decide to launch a trainee scheme and why would you encourage other businesses in the specialist finance market to consider doing the same?


It is vital to encourage and support the next generation into the specialist finance industry and equip aspiring professionals with invaluable skills, which will provide them with the experience and knowledge they need to succeed in the market and develop their careers.


With all our apprentices, we hope after completing the programme, they will become permanent members of the Hope Capital team and contribute to the company’s continued growth and success. We also see it as our responsibility to provide opportunities for the local community which enables us to play our part in supporting young talent in the area.


I believe it is crucial to the continued success of any business that the importance of talent development is recognised and made a priority. With many young people no longer choosing to follow the traditional university route, this is an ideal way to support and nurture those who would prefer to explore the benefits of an apprenticeship. I would wholeheartedly encourage more businesses, inside and outside our sector, to consider implementing an apprentice scheme and investing in the younger generation.




What have been the biggest benefits to your business through running this scheme?


There have been many benefits, however one of the most important is how the scheme has improved our efficiency and enabled us to provide brokers and borrowers with an even better service. Having the additional resource and extra support from our apprentices has been extremely helpful and we are grateful for everything they do across the departments. Nevertheless, the biggest benefit is still yet to come, as once the apprentices have completed their apprenticeships, they can then put everything they have learnt into practise.



 Have there been any challenges, and how did you mitigate them?


With any business, there are always challenges which arise, however working in the specialist finance industry means there is a huge learning curve to understand how the market works. We therefore make sure we provide focused guidance, training and support throughout the scheme, to ensure our apprentices develop a sufficient amount of knowledge and experience, which will help them support our customers and develop their knowledge and careers to their full potential.



What biggest surprises/achievements have you seen as a result of attracting trainees to your business?


We are delighted with the progress of our apprentices and how they have added value to Hope Capital so quickly. It has been fantastic to see how they have adapted to the working environment, the specialisms involved with the bridging finance industry and subsequently embraced any challenges which have come their way. We certainly look forward to seeing what the future holds.



Why will schemes like this be increasingly important for young people in 2021?


Now more than ever, apprenticeship schemes are vital in keeping the bridging finance industry moving and developing the career aspirations of talented individuals. 2020 has been a very challenging year for many businesses in the sector, however Hope Capital took this as an opportunity to set itself apart from the competition, by creating flexible and innovative products, implementing new processes to improve efficiency and introduce new methods to ensure the business and market keeps moving.


As a result, Hope Capital has had a very successful year, which has allowed us to grow as a business. Going forward, we want to create more career opportunities in 2021 and we encourage other businesses in the sector to follow our lead.


Gary Bailey

Gary is responsible for influencing and implementing the strategy of the business and embedding the company’s values. Managing the day-to-day operations of Hope Capital, promoting expansion and innovation to achieve its growth ambitions.

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