A message for existing customers

31 Mar 2020

Jonathan Sealy

by Jonathan Sealey

We recognise these are worrying times for many people and we are committed to supporting our clients as much as we possibly can.  If you’re concerned about whether you’re able to make your bridging loan payments please contact us as soon as possible by emailing – we have a supportive team who can help you.


Please contact us at the earliest opportunity to discuss the range of payment options and solutions available.


We will consider each case on its individual merits and carry out a full assessment, ensuring we get the best tailored outcome for each customer.  Proof of individual situations may be required.


We wish to reassure our clients we will be doing all we can to ensure we achieve a fair outcome for them, based on their own individual situation.


Do I qualify for a Payment Holiday?


In accordance with government policy Hope Capital will consider payment holidays, based on the individual circumstances of the customer.


Most bridging loans do not have monthly payments as all of the interest is deducted from the initial loan advance. If customers are NOT making monthly repayments to their bridging loan, this means that payment holidays are not available as the interest has already been deducted from the original loan advance.  


If you ARE making monthly repayments on your bridging loan, a payment holiday may be considered as a solution, as part of the individual review. Customers need to be aware that interest/fees will still accumulate on the loan and at the end of any payment holiday, if this is a suitable solution to their individual situation, the monthly payments will increase as a result of the payment holiday. This will not have an adverse effect on your credit report.


If you’re worried about your bridging loan payments please email us at – we have a supportive team who can help you.

Jonathan Sealy

Jonathan Sealey

Jonathan started Hope Capital in 2011 after working in property for over 9 years and is responsible for the company’s strategic growth.

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