Press Release: Hope Capital extends lending up to 2 years

5 Nov 2019


Hope Capital has extended its lending to 24 months. Up until now Hope Capital’s maximum lending term was 12 months but this has now been doubled where it is the right solution, making its lending more flexible.


With rates starting from just 0.69% on loans of up to £5million across its range of bridging loans it means that Hope Capital’s highly flexible bridging loans can benefit even more people.


The term to 24 months can be considered all Hope Capital’s lending including: residential, retail, commercial and semi-commercial properties. Borrowers can use the loans for property purchase, refinance, refurbishment and an array of other business purposes.


Terms will typically be offered within one hour of the loan application and brokers will continue to have direct access to underwriters and senior decision makers.


Jonathan Sealey, CEO of Hope Capital says:

“We have seen a growing demand for loans for a longer loan period. As a highly responsive lender, known for excellent service, it made perfect sense to vary our loan terms so we can meet this demand from brokers and their clients.”

Jonathan Sealey, CEO

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