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Press Release: Hope Capital launches new Seven 5 product

24 Sep 2019


by Gary Bailey

Hope Capital has today launched a new bridging loan product.


Called ‘Hope Seven 5’ the highly competitive new bridging loan will be at a rate of just 0.75% per month, up to 75% LTV on non-regulated residential property up to £750,000.


The product will be available throughout England and Wales for a loan period of up to 12 months both to individuals and companies. The loan will be available on a first charge basis.


Borrowers can use the loans for property purchase in a range of situations from buying at auction to chain-break.


Hope Capital has ring fenced funds for this offer, which will last for as long as this tranche of funding does.


“We have seen a growing demand for good value bridging loans for residential property so we have launched this new bridging loan to meet this demand. We predict that it will be particularly useful for breaking a chain when buying a property as this is one of the biggest reasons for purchases falling through.”

Gary Bailey, Managing Director


Gary Bailey

Gary is responsible for influencing and implementing the strategy of the business and embedding the company’s values. Managing the day-to-day operations of Hope Capital, promoting expansion and innovation to achieve its growth ambitions.

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