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Press Release: Hope Capital appoints financial director

19 Sep 2019

Jonathan Sealy

by Jonathan Sealey

Hope Capital has appointed a new finance director.  Kate Cowan has worked for the business part time in a consultancy capacity since 2018, but Hope Capital is growing so rapidly that it now needs a full-time financial director.


Kate Cowan has joined Hope Capital after more than ten years of working across a range of industries as well as in accountancy practice. Kate’s wide variety of knowledge enables her to provide a rounded approach to both the financial and non-financial information needed to ensure that Hope Capital obtains its strategic goals.


A number of building blocks have been put in place over the last 12 months to ensure the sustained growth of the business, Kate will build on Hope Capital’s strategic plan providing financial insight and judgement, helping to ensure that the business continues to achieve its growth plans responsibly and well.

“Hope Capital has been growing rapidly for a number of years now so the need for a full-time financial director was clear.  Kate knows our business well, and is a highly experienced financial director so she was the obvious choice to appoint as a member of our board. Someone of Kate’s calibre brings undoubted benefits to any business and I know that she will help us to continue our growth plans in controlled and financially stable way."

Jonathan Sealey, CEO

Kate Cowan says, “Hope Capital had a clear demand for a full-time director with its continued growth. It is an exciting company and one that I was keen to play a more active role in. Being part of the board and being in the Hope Capital offices every day means that I will be closer to what is happening in the business.  This will provide me with a better insight of what is going on and enable me to make more objective decisions.  I will also be at the forefront to enable Hope Capital to make rapid changes as needed in order to react to the market and the needs of both brokers and borrowers.”

Jonathan Sealy

Jonathan Sealey

Jonathan started Hope Capital in 2011 after working in property for over 9 years and is responsible for the company’s strategic growth.

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